Learn How To Close The Kindergarten Readiness Gap

Every year 40% of children walk into kindergarten one-to-three years behind.

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"Conquering the Readiness Gap" 

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Many students who start kindergarten are years behind and struggle to catch up. Sadly, most of them never do. From birth to age 5, a child learns at a speed unmatched the rest of his or her life. Actively engaging families is the most effective way to make a child's critical developmental years count. Request our free booklet to learn more about the school readiness problem, the research and how you can ensure your students succeed.

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During the parent workshops, attendees receive high-quality, take-home materials and toys. These resources make learning at home fun and effective. Examples of READY! for Kindergarten tools include puzzles, books, magnetic letters, music CDs, matching games, and much more.



READY! workshops build strong parent engagement and help prepare families to be the most effective teachers they can be in their child’s vital early learning years. Parents and caregivers learn new skills and helpful tips to nurture a child’s development in ways that foster essential early literacy, math and social-emotional skills.



The foundation of the READY! program is Age-Level Targets©, or measurable skills, that a typical 5-year-old must have by the time he or she starts kindergarten. These research-based targets were developed by early learning experts, working closely with families, scientists and educators during a seven-year span.


Ensure your students’ success and learn about the school readiness problem and the solution with our FREE booklet!

READY! for Kindergarten is a research-based, proven program that won a District Administration Magazine Top 100 Award.


In 2008, 44% of Sandpoint School District children entering kindergarten tested below proficiency for learning readiness. After the first year, and every year since, 90% of the READY! for Kindergarten graduates entered school testing at or above kindergarten readiness levels.

Panhandle Alliance for Education
Sandpoint School District (Idaho)


Students of families exposed to READY! had “statistically significant higher scores” (based on the DIBELS and WJLNI) than those whose families were not exposed to the READY! program. Average DIBELS Letter Naming scores were 17.24 and 12.73 respectively.


Washington State and Chicago School Study
The Children’s Reading Foundation of Greater Chicago


“We love that READY! for Kindergarten has been focused on early learning and those critical developmental years before the whole national conversation even started. You have been our North Star in Boulder County as we have struggled and thought deeply about how to close the achievement gap for our high-need English and Spanish speaking families and children. You’re heroes!”


- Chris Barge
    School Readiness Director The Community Foundation | Colorado


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From birth to age 5, a child learns faster than at any other time in his or her life!

Get Your FREE Booklet >

Every year 40% of children walk into kindergarten one-to-three years behind.

Request "Conquering the Readiness Gap" 

to learn more about the school readiness problem